Monthly Archiv: July, 2009

Great Moments by Design – DateLine

Thanks to a list post (yes, a list post) on Smashing Magazine, I came across a great new tool today called Dateline. Normally I would not deem one day of usage as a candidate for A Great Moment, but it’s easy to predict that this app is going to stay on my desktop for a long time.

As long as I have used OS X, I have used various methods to display the date on my desktop. With Leopard, iCal now shows the current date in the Dock icon, but I hide my Dock. Not a good option. I’ve used various tools in the menubar, but they usually take up too much of the precious horizontal space. I’ve also used Awaken on the desktop to display the date.

But none of those solutions as been as good as DateLine. The great moment here—it’s the perfect solution for the need. It gorgeously displays the date on your screen. Simple as that.

It has a few options—you can change the color schemes, window behaviour, and the width. But aside from that, and the fact that clicking on a day opens iCal to that day, it has no features.

It just looks good.


DateLine looks great with any wallpaper.

Dateline close up
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