Tweetie 1.0


Tweetie in action.

Well, the big day is finally here. Today is the launch of Tweetie for Mac 1.0, Loren Brichter’s desktop version of his Twitter client.

I remember when I first heard about Tweetie for the iPhone. A lot of people were saying that it was a game changer, that it was the best Twitter client for the platform. It didn’t really mean much to me as I was cutting back on my Twitter usage anyways and did not see the need to pay for software I wouldn’t use.

But when Fusion entered into talks with Loren about running ads on a free version of Tweetie, Loren offered us copies to try out. And I kid you not—within the first ten minutes of playing with the application, it became readily apparent that this was a better Twitter experience than any local client or web service I had used so far. I was blown away at how intuitive Loren had made the interface and how easy it was to move your way quickly through related conversations and then get back to your personal timeline.

Here we are several months later and Loren’s Tweetie version for OS X is available and serving Fusion ads. The good news—Loren is an amazing developer and the desktop version is even better than the iPhone version. As with Shawn, my favorite feature is easily browsing through an entire conversation. And even better than the mobile client, getting back to your timeline is only one click, where as on the iPhone version is can be multiple clicks away.


Blue means new tweets.

As well, I really like how the menubar icon lights up when there are new tweets available (as seen on the right).

The bad news? There is none. And impressively, although the launch was less than two hours ago, there are already some ways to improve your Mac’s integration with Tweetie. My love for the Mac community is in full bloom.

And as good as this 1.0 version is, from what Loren is saying, there are even better things to come.

Congrats Loren, and welcome to the Fusion team!